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DIY Non-Toxic Body Care & Cleaning Products

Making your own personal care products doesn't take a lot of effort; it's a lot easier than most people imagine.

Kathrin Brunner teaches a wide variety of DIY skincare classes, and she reports that people are always amazed at how easy it is to whip up their own deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, skin scrubs, etc.

It's also amazing to see the results of homemade products... yes the deodorant actually works, the toothpaste gives you an amazingly clean mouth, and the body butter is the best.

Listen in as Kathrin joins host Lisa Davis to explain the benefits of making your own personal care products.
DIY Non-Toxic Body Care & Cleaning Products
Featured Speaker:
Kathrin Brunner
Kathrin-BrummerKathrin Brunner is a Toronto-based nutritionist and yoga teacher. 

She has a passion for holistic living and is a super-avid DIYer who has created several lines of natural body care products and is a nutrition expert and recipe developer for Clean Eating Magazine and Tuja Wellness

Kathrin teaches at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and has a private practice that offers nutrition counselling, a variety of workshops, corporate talks and yoga classes.