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Revitalize Your Aging Neck

You may have seen people who've had face-lifts, but when you look at their neck, you can still plainly see the effects of aging.

Over time, your skin is susceptible to UV damage, toxins from your environment, as well as the natural aging process, which can all combine to make your skin look older and more prone to wrinkles.

The thin skin on your neck is especially susceptible to sagging and wrinkles. And, unfortunately, this often happens well before your face shows your age.

Advances in research have led to the discovery of compounds that offer novel approaches to reversing the visible signs of an aging neck. Treatments including vitamin C serum, Estriol creams, polyricinoleic acid, and retinol creams can help revitalize your aging skin.

What else can you do to protect the collagen levels in your skin and prevent unnecessary signs of aging?

Dr. Mike discusses why your skin wrinkles during the aging process, and what you can do to reverse the effect.
Revitalize Your Aging Neck
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