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Implementing Blue Zones in Your Own Life

After years studying the four “Blue Zones,” the areas of the world where people live the longest, the Blue Zones project has spawned multiple books, a consulting company, community improvement and policy programs, and helped countless people implement strategies to increase their longevity.

Blue Zones VP, Tony Buettner, gives listeners a look into the common threads that the individuals in Blue Zones have, from diet to exercise to mental focus, as well as how you can design your life to be similar to theirs.
Implementing Blue Zones in Your Own Life
Featured Speaker:
Tony Buettner
Tony-BuettnerTony Buettner leads business development at Blue Zones, where his work encompasses strategic planning, operations, and the facilitation of successful implementation of all Blue Zones Community projects. Tony brings direct knowledge and insight of the Blue Zones expeditions, research, and insights into those populations to help them live longer, better. His experience gained during his participation on expeditions with Dan Buettner, his brother, and his over 30 years of world travel, bring pertinent experience in the understanding of health and wellness as it relates to populations and cultures.