Sustainable Weight Loss: Travel Edition

From the Show: Sharecare Radio
Summary: Jay Cardiello shares some tips for keeping your weight loss in check when traveling.
Air Date: 5/31/16
Duration: 10
Host: Darria Long Gillespie, MD, MBA
Guest Bio: Jay Cardiello
Jay-CardielloJay Cardiello is one of the most sought after and recognized health and wellness professionals in the world. He is also a strength and conditioning specialist to celebrities and professional athletes, television and radio personalities, a regular contributor to leading media outlets, a published author, and a strategic advisor to global brands.

Jay’s Bio includes a a number of notable clients with whom he works with. He has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Sofia Vergara, Julianne Hough, Kevin Love, Minka Kelly and teams in the MLB and NFL. He is the former Fitness Editor at Large for Shape, a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness, Star and OK! magazines, and a member of the Advisory Board for Muscle & Fitness.

Cardiello is the co-founder of “Off the Scale,” a healthcare intervention program to help slow, stop and reverse the progression of chronic illnesses and diseases associated with obesity. He is also the founder of JCORE, which offers his multi-faceted wellness program, hailed as “one of the hottest at-home celeb workouts” by US Weekly and the “Workout Taking Over Wall Street” by Bloomberg TV. Cardiello is the author of Cardio Core 4 x 4 (Rodale 2012).

Jay was named the #1 Motivator in Health and Wellness by Shape in 2013 and ranked by along with Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz on a list of those who have made an impact on health and wellness worldwide.

Finally, Jay’s bio includes much philanthropy, as he works as a fitness advisor to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, striving to win the battle against cancer. Jay resides in New York City with his wife Paula and son Max.
  • Book Title: Cardio Core 4 x 4
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @JayCardiello
Sustainable Weight Loss: Travel Edition
In this Travel Well segment brought to you by EVEN Hotels, industry-leading fitness and weight loss professional Jay Cardiello joins Dr. Darria to discuss his programs and advice for creating a sustainable weight options when you're traveling.

From proper hydration and navigating buffets to ensuring a healthy sleep schedule, Jay shares tips for keeping your health in check.
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